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Keep it Melo

Melo Crew perks - designed for streamers, gamers, and creators.

Kneeling Astronaut


Explore the exclusive perks and benefits for MELOGRAPHICS1 Twitch subscribers.

Now that you're part of the crew, you'll get to enjoy these perks:

  • Ad-Free Viewing

  • Exclusive Twitch Perks - Sub-Only mode and more

    • Stream Shoutouts with hosting, raiding, and streamer shelf perks based on tenure and support level.

    • Custom Sound Alerts from your clips on MELO MONDAY games.

    • Sub-Only chat commands and message permissions.

  • Custom Sub Badges & Emotes - Level 1 (Basic), Level 2 (Pro) and Level 3 (Elite) Subscribers unlock exclusive emotes. As more subscribers join the Crew, more emote slots will be unlocked! Existing Crew Members will be able to collab with me on NEW EMOTE DESIGNS!

  • MELO MONDAYS (Playing with subs on stream) - Choose the game and join the party to play with MELOGRAPHICS! Drop by the MELO SPACE Discord to vote and RVSP to secure your spot!

  • Exclusive Content & Freebies - Get early access to updates, tips, and discount codes throughout the year on everything for your stream and game.  Access tons of FREE streamer graphics available in the MELO SPACE Discord (Stream Bundles with Overlays and Transitions, Stream Deck Icons, Post Templates, Twitch Panels, and more). Join the MELO SPACE Discord to unlock all of your perks and access your exclusives and freebies (i.e. discount codes, stream graphics, stream deck icons, and more).

  • Special Discord Role & Status - In addition to all the free graphics and resources, and special Discord Crew role, you'll also get auto go live notifications, and a special status every time you go live on Twitch so other members of the community can stop by and support your stream.

  • And Much More - Share your thoughts, ideas, feedback, and suggestions on discord!

  • Note: Don't forget to link your Twitch to Discord to sync your Discord role with your Twitch subscription status.

Not a Member of the Melo Crew yet? Subscribe Now to support the stream and unlock some epic perks on both Twitch and Discord!


Joining the Crew is just the beginning...

Subscribing on Twitch is just one way to show your support and become part of the community - along with access to tons of perks mentioned above. There are more ways you can support the stream, content, and community both on and off stream. Visit the support page to learn more about how cheering, donations, and server boosts can help you and others grow together.


Drop in the Discord

Created for gamers, streamers, creators, and just cool people in general with dedicated channels for collab, chat, voice/video, gaming, updates and free content - *plus tons of fun emojis of course! Drop into MELO SPACE today!

Special Space for the Crew

Crew members (subscribers) can also access all of their free perks and content with enhanced Discord role privileges. Fly by and say hi! Check out the crew hang out in MELO SPACE!

Not a Crew Member?

Subscribe Today to unlock your perks and exclusives!


MELO SPACE Discord & MELOGRAPHICS1 Twitch Channel

A Message from Melo

The MELO SPACE Discord and Twitch Channel is open to adults (18yo+) who accept and follow the rules for access. Only active subs will be able to access the Crew exclusives. MELO SPACE is an inclusive community where discrimination, hate speech, offensive behavior, solicitation, self-promotion, and illegal activity will not be tolerated. MELOGRAPHICS is committed to upholding the AnyKey GLHF pledge both on Twitch and Discord. 

Subscriber & Member Benefits Policy

All perks, benefits, and exclusives are subject to change without notice and can be revoked at any time at the discretion of the Streamer, Moderators, and/or a majority of active community members.

About GLHF

Video games and esports should be welcoming and inclusive to all. Diverse player communities are more fun and more competitive. I recently joined AnyKey in creating a gaming ecosystem that welcomes everyone and includes all, no matter their shape, size, color, gender, background, disability, or beliefs.
*If you want to join in and promise to make a difference as a positive and inclusive citizen in your own gaming spaces take the pledge (donations are not required)! After pledging link you twitch to unlock a chat badge too.

GLHF Chat Rules
1. Set a positive example with my behavior
2. Show integrity by honoring the rules
3. Be a good sport no matter how the game goes
4. Recognize that my words have a real impact
5. Speak up against discrimination and harassment
6. Stop and reassess if I’m told that I'm causing harm
7. Respect others, even if their opinions are different

Learn More about the GLHF Pledge

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