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Going Live Giveaway | #MELOversary2023

Updated: Apr 6

To celebrate the 2 years of gaming and streaming with the #MeloCrew, enter the Going #Live Giveaway for a pro streamer set-up bundle featuring a Blue Yeti Premium USB Microphone and Logitech Litra Glow Premium Streaming Light, Limited-edition #MeloCrew Swag Pack#MeloCrew Swag Pack, and 3 Premium Monstercat, Botisimo, and Lightstream Gamer Studio Memberships - prize bundle valued over $250! Explore all the ways to join the MELO CREW on Ko-Fi, YouTube, Twitch, and Discord for tons of ways to unlock bonus entries. See Official Rules.



over $250+ value

Blue Yeti Premium USB Microphone

Logitech Litra Glow Premium Streaming Light

(3) 1-Month Streamer & Creator Memberships (new users)

Explore custom designs in MELOGRAPHICS Artist Merch Shop & #MadeByMELO Digital Shop


How to Get BONUS Entries

  1. FOLLOW MELOGRAPHICS: First unlock all the entry options you qualify for and be the first to get updates about events, giveaways, and more by following MELOGRAPHICS on Ko-fi, Twitch, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube. MELO CREW and MELO SPACE Discord members also have opportunities to get early-bird access to codes, announcements and more in MELO SPACE. If you're in the MELO CREW or just a cool human who love connecting with other gamers, streamers, and content creators to have fun, drop by the MELO SPACE Discord (18yo+)

  2. REFER A FRIEND: Share the Giveaway with Friends & Family! You'll receive bonus entries for every referral who enters the giveaway as well (up to 100 entries).

  3. SECRET CODE & TWITCH REWARDS: MELOGRAPHICS posts secret codes for bonus entries on, YouTube, social (Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram), and during Twitch live streams (Monday, Friday, Sunday). Plus every Friday, Sunday, and Monday you can redeem Twitch Channel Points for Bonus Entries (1x per stream). When you find a code enter it on the GOING LIVE GIVEAWAY | #MELOversary2023 to claim your bonus entries by 3/24/23 11:59p PST (limit 1 unique code entry per user per day).




MELO CREW | Join on Ko-Fi

Unlock benefits and perks across Ko-fi, Discord, Twitch, and more with ONE KO-STAR MEMBERSHIP! Access SUPPORTER-ONLY content/posts, discounts, shop items, custom services, and more. Link your Ko-fi and Discord to access exclusive channels more benefits and a special role with status rank in MELO SPACE.

  • Memberships + Cross-Platform Perks (Discord, Twitch, Streamloots, Ko-fi, etc.)

  • Member-Only Digital Shop Items

  • Premium Custom Services

  • Exclusive Content/Posts

  • #MadeByMELO Discounts & Free Member-Only Downloads

  • Support: 100% of all tips, donations, memberships, purchases, and commissions are reinvested into the MELO SPACE community through Discord integrations (bots, boosts, etc.), Events/Giveaways, MELO CREW Benefits/Freebies, Creative Content, Stream Enhancements, etc.

MELO CREW | Join on YouTube

Unlock MEMBER-ONLY content and perks by joining the MELO CREW via YouTube. Link your YouTube and Discord to access even more benefits and a special role in MELO SPACE.

MELO CREW | Join on Twitch

Unlock SUB-ONLY Twitch streams, badges, emotes and more exclusives by joining the MELO CREW via Twitch. Link your Twitch and Discord to access even more benefits and a special role in MELO SPACE.

Check out more helpful resources, tools, partners and discounts:


NEW Design Drop in the #MadebyMELO Artist Shop




The #MELOversary2023 GOING LIVE Giveaway is solely sponsored by MELOGRAPHICS and not affiliated with or endorsed by any social platforms, Ko-Fi, Botisimo, Kosmic Dust, Lightstream, Streamloots, or Monstercat. Must be 18yo+ US Resident. Void Where Prohibited. No purchase necessary. See Official Rules. Links contained in social posts, website content, and videos may include affiliate links of which MELOGRAPHICS may earn a commision on qualifying purchases with such link. Click Here to view a full list of MELOGRAPHICS Partners, Affiliates, and Discounts. Visit legal for additional disclosures.

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