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100% of donations, commissions, and gifts go directly to the stream, content, programs/subscriptions and gear.

Contribute to keep the community, content, and stream through Twitch, Discord, Ko-Fi (Memberships, Chop, Commissions), Epic Games, and more. Contributions are in no way required but always appreciated to help with gear, subscriptions, and ongoing fees to help the community thrive.


In addition to hanging out on stream and Discord, there are a few ways that you can directly contribute to the stream and make a big impact on the community

Show your support for the stream, content, and community while and helping MELOGRAPHICS growth the community and create fun and helpful content through gaming and graphic design. In addition to showing up to the live stream, here are some more ways to directly help Keep it Melo!



Any little bit helps.

Cheering makes Twitch chat more engaging for the entire community. It also elevates your voice in chat with animated emotes and expresses your enthusiasm through interactive leaderboards and extensions. Buy bits now to use during Melo's next live stream on Twitch!


Exclusive benefits for the Crew.

Join the MELO CREW and unlock awesome perks, Discord and Twitch privileges, plus free and exclusive graphics and content. Gift subs are a great way to share all of the benefits with other streamers and gamers too.


Boost the MELO SPACE Discord Server to get some awesome perks for you and the crew. Plus If you're a Discord Nitro Member you get 2 Free Boosts to level up MELO SPACE - Select Boost Server in the MELO SPACE Discord Server Settings.


Epic, Authentic, Custom Apparel, Accessories, & More

Explore the MELO GRAPHICS Artist Shop for #MadeByMELO printed to order on clothing, accessories, home decor and more.


Epic Games

Enter Code: MELOGRAPHICS when making store or in-game purchases from Epic Games such as FortniteRocket League etc. In connection with Epic Games’ Support-A-Creator Program, I may receive a commission from certain in-game purchases. #EpicPartner

Support: How to Help
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