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As a gamer, streamer, content creator, and graphic designer; I chose to join select Affiliate and Partner programs only after personally using a product or service and believing that it would also offer value to others

In an effort to emphasize transparency in communication, ensure compliance with FTC Guidelines, and comply with the Amazon Associate's Program Policies (MELOGRAPHICS, MELOGRAPHICS1) would like you to know that some links shared online including but not limited to: websites (, Melo Space Discord & Reddit, @melographics1 social media: Twitch, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Tumblr, Giphy) are affiliate links. I may receive affiliate compensation (i.e. goods, services, or monetary) for qualifying purchases made using these links. I only share affiliate links to products, websites, and companies, that I have used and can vouch for personally. Where characters or space may be limited (e.g. social posts, chat, mobile, etc.) the content may include one of the following tags or mentions to reemphasize that it's an affiliate link: "paid link", "#ad", or "#CommissionsEarned", "#affiliate", "#sponsored", "#AmazonAssociate", "#partner", etc.

Affiliates and Partners include (paid affiliate links):