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Halo Infinite Release News: 100 Days Until Launch

With less than 100 days until the Halo Infinite Release on December 8, 2021. Here's everything we know about the According to Microsoft, Master Chief returns in Halo Infinite, the third chapter of the "Reclaimer Saga", to save humanity.

“The legendary Halo series returns with the most expansive Master Chief campaign yet and a ground-breaking free to play multiplayer experience.” -

Halo Infinite Release Date: Multiplayer & Campaign

After multiple delays due to numerous issues, including COVID-19, Halo Infinite will finally make its way into our households on the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 PCs with the Halo Infinite release date set to December 8th, 2021, according to We’re closer to Halo’s release than we realize and new leaks, spoilers, and teasers are flying around social daily. However, for 343 Industries to meet Halo’s December release date, they needed to cut out a crucial feature. Let’s take a look at what we know about the Halo Infinite release.

Halo Infinite Will Not Have Co-Op Or Forge At Launch

Joseph Staten, head of creative at 343 Industries, confirmed that in order for Halo Infinite to avoid any additional delays, there needed to be some sacrifices made. Unfortunately, those sacrifices came in the form of being able to enjoy the campaign with friends or editing gameplay maps.

Halo Infinite Will Be A Day One Release On Xbox Game Pass

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Xbox’s biggest franchise will see the day one release treatment on Xbox Game Pass. Not only will you get Halo Infinite on the same day, according to, but you will also have access to hundreds of games at a low monthly subscription cost. Not having to drop a large sum for Halo Infinite on day one and also getting access to even more games is not a bad deal. If you’re already subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, then you’re good to go for Halo Infinite’s December 8th release. Now on Xbox, you can even preinstall Halo Infinite to be ready to play at launch.

Halo Infinite Free-To-Play Multiplayer Mode Will Launch On Day One

While you won’t be able to edit maps or play cooperatively with friends on the campaign, 343 Industries knows there’s no Halo without multiplayer. confirms that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will be free to play and will have a seasonal release, much like other free-to-play multiplayer games.

Halo Infinite Release Details and Game Summary

Halo Infinite Developer

  • 343 Industries with assistance from SkyBox Labs, Sperasoft, The Coalition, Certain Affinity, Atomhawk

Halo Series Publisher

Halo Infinite Team

  • Joseph Staten - Director

  • Pierre Hintze - Director

  • Nicolas Bouvier - Artist

  • Paul Crocker - Writer

  • Gareth Coker - Composer

  • Curtis Schweitzer - Composer

  • Joel Corelitz - Composer

Hale Series Gaming Platforms

  • Microsoft Windows (PC)

  • Xbox One (Console)

  • Xbox Series X/S (Console)

Halo Infinite Initial Launch Info:

  • Release Date: December 8, 2021

  • Genre: First-Person Shooter (FPS)

  • Mode: Single-player, Online Multiplayer (2-24)

  • Format: Xbox Cross-Platform and Cross-Generation Compatible, Console Keyboard and Mouse, Controller, Variable Refresh Rate, 4k Ultra HD, 120 FPS, HDR10, 60+ FPS, Dolby Atmos

Game Summary and Images Source: Microsoft Store

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