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Join the MELO CREW | Support the Mission

Updated: Mar 5

Gamers, streamers, & dreamers, creating chaos with chill vibes. Join the MELO CREW and make MELO SPACE your place to connect and unplug.

Membership has its perks!

In addition to the benefits for Twitch Subscribers, YouTube Members, and Ko‑fi Supporters outlined on the Membership page; MELO CREW members enjoy special bonuses, personalized designs, and surprises throughout the year... especially during MELOtober (Oct 2021 | 2022) and MELOversary (Feb 2022 + Carball Cup). Click here to check out the exciting #MELOversary2023 events and giveaway.


Membership Details



Special Events & Surprises

MELO CREW | Important New Member Info







Not a Member of the Melo Crew yet? Subscribe Now to support the stream and unlock some epic perks on both Twitch and Discord!


MELO CREW | Join on Ko-Fi

Unlock benefits and perks across Ko-fi, Discord, Twitch, and more with ONE MEMBERSHIP! Access SUPPORTER-ONLY content/posts, discounts, shop items, custom services, and more. Link your Ko-fi and Discord to access exclusive channels more benefits and a special role with status rank in MELO SPACE.

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  • Cross-Platform Perks

Support the Mission

All tips, donations, memberships, purchases, and commissions are reinvested into the MELO SPACE community through Discord integrations (bots, boosts, etc.), Events/Giveaways, MELO CREW Benefits/Freebies, Content/Stream Enhancements, etc.

Every little bit helps!


MELO CREW | Join on YouTube

Unlock MEMBER-ONLY content and perks by joining the MELO CREW via YouTube. Link your YouTube and Discord to access even more benefits and a special role in MELO SPACE.


MELO CREW | Join on Twitch

Unlock SUB-ONLY streams, badges, emotes and more exclusives by joining the MELO CREW via Twitch. Link your Twitch and Discord to access even more benefits and a special role in MELO SPACE.


Wanna Connect?

Feel free to reach out to MELOGRAPHICS via Discord with any questions, feedback, or suggestions. Thanks for being awesome and Keeping it MELO!


Membership Eligibility: All members must adhere to the platform TOS, Discord Rules, and Terms & Conditions. Members must be 18yo+ when joining with linked platform accounts where required to receive non-Ko-Fi benefits listed on the Membership Benefits (Twitch, Discord, Streamloots). Membership offerings and benefit availability subject to change at MELOGRAPHICS discretion at any time without prior notice. See the Membership Tiers page for current offerings. All memberships, services, tips/donations, and shop purchases are non-refundable.


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