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Procreate Basics: Navigating the Interface & Tools

Harness the artistic power of the Procreate App by using all the Creative design and editing tools at your fingertips

Unlock Your Creative Potential

Are you ready to take your artistic journey to new heights? Look no further than Procreate, the ultimate digital art studio designed to ignite your imagination and revolutionize your creative process. With its seamless interface and powerful features, Procreate is optimized to streamline your workflow and enhance your overall artistic experience.

Procreate Interface

This Procreate Basics Guide covers each feature inside the functional menus and includes some helpful tips to enhance your creative experience. The Procreate App Interface is organized into three primary menus based on feature and functionality so you can easily change brushes, effects, colors, and more without disrupting your creative flow.

Procreate Tools (Menus):


Use the Editing Tools menu bar located at the top left to access a wide range of features for making complex adjustments to your art.


Organize and manage your artworks in the gallery. Create new canvases, import images, and share your creations with the world.


Find practical features in the Actions menu to insert, share, and adjust your canvas and its elements. Customize interface and touch settings to optimize your workflow.

PRO TIP: Remove the interface to elevate your focus and creativity. To fully concentrate on your art, utilize a single brush and eliminate distractions. If you desire a less intrusive interface, simply tap the screen with four fingers to activate Full Screen mode. This action will cause the interface to slide away, providing you with a clear view of your canvas. To restore the interface, tap with four fingers once more or select the Full Screen indicator located in the top left corner.


Apply professional image effects in the Adjustments menu to add important finishing touches. Quickly make complex color adjustments, including Gradient Mapping. Utilize tools like Blur, Sharpen, Noise, Clone, and the powerful Liquify effect. Additionally, enhance your artwork with special effects like Bloom, Glitch, Halftone, and Chromatic Aberration.


Isolate any part of your image with the versatile selection methods available in Selections. Fine-tune your modifications using advanced options for precise control.


Manipulate your image for quick and easy edits using the Transform feature. Stretch, move, and warp your image with simple scaling or versatile warp meshing. Simplify complex image manipulation tasks with Transform.


The top right menu bar provides everything you need to get started with painting. You can sketch, ink, and paint using a wide range of smooth and versatile brushes. The Brush Library allows you to organize your brushes, import custom brushes, or even share your own unique brush creations.

PRO TIP: Enable Brush Cursor from the Actions Menu to see a preview of your brush. When the Brush cursor is activated, the outline of the Brush shape will appear whenever you touch the canvas. This feature allows you to visualize the shape of the mark you’re creating. To toggle the Brush Cursor on or off, tap Actions > Preferences > Brush Cursor.


Easily blend your artwork, mix colors, and achieve a variety of effects using the versatile Brush Library.


Make quick fixes and fine adjustments with the Eraser. You can also access the Brush Library to match your eraser to the style of your art.


To paint overlapping objects without altering previously done work, you can use layers. Layers enable you to move, edit, recolor, and delete individual elements.


Select, adjust, and harmonize the color in your creation using various interface options that suit your workflow. You can save, import, and share palettes, as well as drag and drop colors into your artwork.



The Sidebar holds all the modification tools. Use the sidebar to adjust brush sizes and opacity. Access Undo, Redo, and the Modify button with your free hand while you work.

PRO TIP: Customize the height of your Sidebar on the interface. Drag a finger from the edge of the interface over the Modify button. Your Sidebar separate from the canvas and you’ll be able to move it to a preferred position.

Brush Size (slider)

Increase brush size for a thicker stroke by dragging the top slider up. Make a smaller brush tip and achieve a thinner line by dragging the top slider down. Tap anywhere along the slider to make bigger adjustments. Hold the slider and drag your finger sideways for finer adjustments.

Modify Button (tap/hold)

Tap the square Modify button to bring up the Eyedropper tool. Use the Eyedropper to pick colors directly from your artwork. Slide the eyedropper over a color and release your finger to select it. Hold the Modify button and tap anywhere to select a color with the Eyedropper. Customize the Modify button to trigger other tools for personalized shortcuts.

Brush Opacity (slider)

Drag the bottom slider up or down to adjust brush opacity from transparent to solid. Hold the slider and drag your finger sideways for more accurate opacity changes.

Undo / Redo Arrows (tap):

Tap the top arrow to Undo the last action. Tap the bottom arrow to Redo the action. A notification will appear at the top of the interface to show the affected action. Tap and hold either arrow to rapidly Undo/Redo multiple actions. Up to 250 actions can be undone.


Get Creative!

Unleash your artistic potential with Procreate. Discover the freedom to create, the joy of experimentation, and the thrill of bringing your ideas to life. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting on your creative journey, Procreate is your ultimate companion in unlocking endless creative possibilities.

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