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Custom Stream Graphics and Animations Set-Up Guides

Updated: May 21

#MadeByMELO Creative News & How tos Blog Post: Stream Set-Up OBS Streaming Guide By MELOGRAPHICS
Set up your livestream for success with these helpful tools and specs for Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook streamers and content creators.
Live Stream PC Set Up

Bringing your vision to life on stream can be overwhelming when trying to figure out how to add overlays, transitions, adjust settings, etc. all while creating content and growing your community. Don't stress, you got this! Check out these overview and set-up guides to learn the basics and pick up advanced tips for adding stream overlays, transitions, alerts, and more widgets and graphics to your stream on Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube. Use some of the best live streaming software and apps like OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), Streamlabs Desktop (free or paid with Prime), Twitch Studio, Lightstream, to increase viewer engagement and interaction.

OBS Guides & Resources


Streamlabs Desktop Helpful Articles

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