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Custom Rocket League Decals & Graphics

Updated: Jun 21

How to Set-Up Custom Decals & Personalize Your Game

Easy-to-follow instructions to install, set-up, and add custom Rocket League in-game decals #MadeByMELO and personalize your game with BakkesMod & AlphaConsole on PC. To get started, pick up a custom Octane, Takumi, Fennec, and/or Dominus, car decal #MadeByMELO from the Game On Collection in the #MadebyMELO Artist Shop and buckle up. You'll be peaking with siiick Rocket League graphics and more personalized features in no time! After you set everything up, if you post your new custom-designed decal, tag @melographics1 #MadeByMELO!

What is BakkesMod?

What is BakkesMod? BakkesMod is a third party program for Rocket League that offers extra features not found in the game, such as creating the custom car you’ve always wanted, enhancing your training, and more!

BakkesMod Features

  • Choosing any item in-game to use at any time (visible to you)

  • Custom training features - Viewing MMR of other players

  • Anonymous mode for other players

  • Many quality of life enhancements

  • 3rd Party plugin support

  • Custom item support (through AlphaConsole plugin)

Install BakkesMod

  1. Before you begin, make sure Rocket League is closed on your PC. If you haven’t installed Rocket League, CLICK HERE to download it for free from Epic Games.

  2. CLICK HERE to download BakkesMod and install it on your PC

  3. Then search for BakkesMod and run the application if it doesn't automatically start

  4. BakkesMod automatically checks for updates every time you start the program, so if there is an update needed, make sure it’s installed

  5. Once it’s installed and running, launch Rocket League and press F2 in game to access the BakkesMod menu

What is AlphaConsole?

AlphaConsole is free software that allows you to customize your car with different presets included in the mod's menu. Most noteworthy, you have the potential to add effects and interesting colors to your design, save it and try it in a random match over Rocket League.

AlphaConsole Features

  • Ball Textures - Change the look of the ball (private matches)

  • Banner Textures - Selection of additional banners

  • Goal Defense Textures - Change the shields to a custom logo or icon

  • Custom Decal Support - Add a #MadeByMELO Custom Rocket League Car Decal.

  • Custom Antenna Support - Design your own antenna/flag

  • Custom Topper Support - Choose hats because style matters

  • Wheel Textures Support - Change your wheels to match your car

  • Config Changes - Main Menu changer

  • Podium Celebrations - Selection of explosions to celebrate

  • Reactive Wheels - The faster you go, the brighter your wheels get

  • Custom Game Modes - Fun for training and with friends

  • Training Enhancements & Modes - Custom designed to help you improve

  • Underglow - RGB lighting for the underside of your car - super cool

Install the AlphaConsole Plug-in

  1. To use the AlphaConsole plugin, you must have BakkesMod (follow steps above first).

  2. Once you have BakkesMod installed, CLICK HERE to visit the AlphaConsole plugin page.

  3. Click "Install with BakkesMod"... or open BakkesMod in-game with F2 and click “Plugins” then select “Plugin Manager”

  4. Open the Plugin Manager, type 108 in the black blank, and click Install by ID

  5. To use the AlphaConsole plugin, press F5 in-game or find it from the BakkesMod plugin menu (F2)

  6. CLICK HERE For custom decals and Rocket League graphics for gaming and streaming

How to use Custom Decals & Graphics in Rocket League

Now that you have Rocket League, BakkesMod , and AlphaConsole installed on your PC here’s how to install custom decals in-game. The instructions below apply to any decal type (e.g. car, ball, etc.) just ensure that you have Rocket League and Bakkesmod closed when adding new files so they update and inject when launching the game and Bakkesmod. If you don’t already have a cool decal to try out, pick one up in my shop, or request a custom service to have a personalized car decal #MadeByMELO with your logo to use in Rocket League with BakkesMod and AlphaConsole.

What You’ll Need (PC Only)

Custom Decal Set-Up Instructions

  1. Open Rocket League and make sure you do not have any decals equipped any you have the appropriate car body for the decal (e.g. octane, takumi, dominus, fennec, etc.)

  2. Launch BakkesMod (automatically injects when rocket league is open)

  3. On your PC:

  4. Go to “File”, then click on “Open BakkesMod folder

  5. Go to Data > acplugin > DecalTextures (for car decals) - pin or create a shortcut to this folder to make it easier to find

  6. Close Rocket League so the new files can be added and injected in the next steps

  7. Download and save the MadeByMELO zip file to your PC

  8. Extract the MadeBYMELO folder (the whole folder/all contents) from the zip file and save the folder to your PC inside the “DecalTextures” folder you pinned earlier. (Data>acplugin>DecalTextures)

  9. Open Rocket League (tip: restart BakkesMod too if the decal list doesn’t refresh)

  10. Press F2 to open Bakkesmod

  11. Press F5 To open AlphaConsole Plugin menu

  12. Click Cosmetics tab

  13. Select the MadebyMELO decal from the dropdown list

  14. Have fun! Take clips and pics of your new drip and tage @melographics1 #MadeByMELO on social and GifYourGame so we can connect!

Helpful Links & Info

This article would not have been possible without the expert help and info provided by creators and fans in the AlphaConsole and BakkesMod community. Here are references and helpful support links to learn more about all of the things BakkesMod and AlphaConsole can do.


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