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Fonts for Gamers and Creators

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Creating eye-catching and unique gaming and live streaming graphics is more than just taking a pictures and adding some text. Compelling visuals that align with your brand identity coupled with captivating copy differentiate you and your designs/graphics from everyone else.

Fonts and typography are critical to pulling all the elements together and bringing your message to life.

As a self-proclaimed word nerd; I've compiled an ever-growing list of special and custom fonts I've found across video games, movies, and website. All of the fonts listed are my personal favorites and not all-inclusive by any means. Check out the links, support the type designer, and amplify your words with a new typeface.

Gaming & Streaming Fonts

Check out these cool gamer fonts created and/or inspired by some of the most iconic gaming logos, streaming platforms, and movies/tv. While not all of these fonts are the "official" fonts, if you are interested in exploring new fonts for personal use or just learning more about the creative design elements of your favorite game franchise; this list is a good place to start your logophile quest. Click on the game title below to learn more the logo font, typeface designer, and more:

Apex Legends

Fall Guys



Rocket League

#MadeByMELO Recommended Fonts

If you've purchased an editable or blank #MadeByMELO digital bundle or graphics from my shop (e.g. panels, overlays, etc.); check out this list of fonts I recommend using along with links to download for free and/or purchase a font license if applicable. After you learn all about fonts, don't forget to check out more helpful design resources, freebies, and discounts on my site.

Free Fonts

Browse thousands of fonts on these free font websites. These are my top 5 free font and typeface websites but there are hundreds online. When browsing fonts, always check the usage restrictions, font license options, download options, and consider supporting the creator(s) of the font.

TTF v. OTF Font Files

When downloading and installing new fonts on desktop, you'll often see two different types of font file options:

  • OTF - Open Type Format for vector fonts developed by Microsoft and Adobe Systems in the 1990s. OTF supports the Unicode character encoding, and is supported cross-platform.

  • TTF - True Type Format developed by Apple in the 1980s. The rasterizer converts the mathematically-defined glyph paths into pixels meaning fonts are crisper at small point sizes event when displayed on low resolution displays.

  • Other Types of Fonts - There are other variations of font files such as TrueType-Flavored OpenType Files (OpenType TT) and an totally different set of font files for web known as web fonts (e.g. WOFF and WOFF2). There's a lot more to learn about font file formats, characters, typography, etc. Hopefully this quick font reference guide will spark your typeface imagination.

For most use cases, OTF is the best font file to use if you're on a modern computer and program. If you have trouble with OTF, uninstall the OTF fles completely and try the TTF files instead.

A lot of hard work and creativity goes into creating a font. It's important to show support for the designer and abide by the font license. Please be sure to read the font license information on fonts you're interested in using prior to downloading them and including them in any work be it personal or professional. I hope this list is helpful and even if you aren't hooked on a typeface listed you've at least found some great websites expand your typeface toolbox.

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